Inventory Management System in spring boot Project

Inventory Management System in spring boot Project

Organizations use management systems to regularize their tasks. They can be simple or complex depending on the needs of the organization. An inventory management system (or inventory system) is the process by which you track your goods throughout your entire supply chain, from purchasing to production to end sales. It governs how you approach inventory management for your business. The Web-based Inventory Management System will attempt to automate and replace the traditional paper based approach for inventory management and tracking which is being used in the Police Department. The paper based approach is quite tedious and it results in a lot of time wastage. Records would be created for each transaction and would serve as a central database where looking for a single record would take a few seconds. This paperless system of management would increase the efficiency, decrease the complexity and provide flexibility to the organization.

Document and Reports

This doucment file contains a project Synopsis, Reports, and various diagrams. Also abstract pdf file inside zip and you can modify accordingly . Documents and Report take 2-3 days for creating as per user

Project Information

Tech Stack

  • Spring Boot
  • Thymeleaf
  • MySQL
  • Hibernate

 Backend as:

  • Mysql – Database is MySQL in the backend to keep user data
  • Database: Mysql
  • Querying language:
  • Sql – Sql language queries will be used for the registration and login process.

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Features of the Project

  • User authentication
  • Product management
  • Ingredient management