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The Online Movie Ticket Management System project in Java with source code is a web-based project with source code and a project report that includes all of the necessary paperwork. The online movie ticket booking project in Java is a web-based platform where users may view the movie list by opening the application in a web browser. Users can choose a movie or many movies and view all of the facts about them, such as showtimes and prices. After that, go over the movie’s specifics. Users can reserve a seat for that film. The admin user will handle all data such as editing/updating movies and user management.

Online Movie Ticket Management System

This web application is 100% working smoothly without any bugs. It is developJSPu sing jsp, javascript, HTML,CSS, ajax, jquery, and Database MySQL. This software code is helpful in academic projects for final-year students. We have a great collection of PHP Projects.

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Project: Online Movie Ticket Management System

To obtain the source code for the “Online Movie Ticket Management System”, scroll down. Html, Css, js, and Java servlet, Mysql are used in the development of the Online Movie Ticket. The initiative is intriguing and beneficial. In this project, users can cast their votes for their preferred candidate on both the admin and user sides.

Online Movie Ticket Management System
Online Movie Ticket Management System

A quick rundown of the technology:

Front end: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript , Java Servlet

  • HTML: HTML is the language used to produce and save web documents. Notepad/Notepad++, VS code for example.
  • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Make an eye-catching layout.
  • Bootstrap is a responsive design framework. mobile-friendly website
  • JavaScript is a computer language that is extensively used in web browsers.
  • Java:
  • Servlet technology is used to develop a web application (which runs on the server and generates a dynamic web page).
  • Because of the Java programming language, servlet technology is both robust and scalable. CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripting language was widely used as a server-side programming language prior to Servlet. However, there were numerous drawbacks to this technology. These drawbacks are described further below.
  • The Servlet API has numerous interfaces and classes such as Servlet, GenericServlet, HttpServlet, ServletRequest, ServletResponse, and so on.
Java Project
Java Project

Back end: MySQL

  • MySQL: MySql is a database that is commonly used for searching, updating, and managing data in databases. The database is MySQL in the backend to keep user data
  • Database: Mysql
  • Querying language:
  • Sql – Sql language queries will be used for the registration and login process.
  • How to run the Dairy Farm Shop Management System Project (DFSMS)

Project demo

Document and Reports

This document file contains a project Synopsis, Reports, and various diagrams. Also, the abstract pdf file is inside the zip and you can modify it accordingly. Documents and Reports take 2-3 days for creating as per the user thank you

How to run the Online Movie Ticket Management System

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Features of the Online Movie Ticket Management System

The project’s goal is to create a Movie Ticket System application that allows customers to search for and book flights, packages, and hotels. The project was created in C#.NET technology and includes a SQL server that serves as the project’s database. My enthusiasm and a strong desire to learn C# and.NET, two of today’s fastest-growing technologies, drove my motivation for the project. System project has two types of users. Customers who access the website’s information and the administrator who modifies and updates the information available on the website. The SQL server 2000 stores all of the data required for the application in the form of tables.

Software Requirements to Run this Project

Eclipse,Mysql, Tomcat


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