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A framework for developing single-page applications, Angular offers a series of functionality to cut down the number of code composed and the effort required in making an application up and running. It specifies certain features of your application design as a trade-off for the features it offers. Angular is also defined as a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework or architecture as it opts to be for a modular approach to setting up your applications. Every view is described in HTML which includes a JavaScript controller module and model that prompts the interaction. Even better, Angular has been in the market for quite some time now has been tested in large applications and has undergone several modifications. Angular comprises one or more JavaScript files, which depends on the performance your application will leverage. Instead of one bloated JavaScript file incorporated into all of your applications, there is one core file that comprises the major framework features and other files or modules you can include layering other functionality onto the core framework. For instance, there’s a Resource module that offers a wrapper around a core HTTP service for connecting with RESTful APIs. If you are not utilising it, you do not incorporate the JavaScript file for the resource module into your application. Angular, and the numerous modules, can be included in an application by utilising a package manager like NuGet, NPM, or Bower to name a few. Individual packages for the core and additional modules are offered by all package managers. All applications need the installation of the core module with optional modules, like Resource or Route added as required