College Admission Management System in PHP and MySQL Free Source code download

College Admission Management System in PHP and MySQL


A College Admission Management System is essential for efficiently handling the complexities of the student admission process. Developed using PHP and MySQL, this project comprises two primary modules: User and Admin. Each module is designed to simplify and streamline the admission process for both students and administrative staff.

Step 1: Making the Project

The project development begins with creating a robust back-end using PHP and MySQL. The database is designed to store all relevant data securely, including user details, applications, courses, and notices. The front-end is developed to provide an intuitive interface for users and administrators.

Project NameCollege Admission Management System
Language UsedPHP5.6, PHP7.x
DatabaseMySQL 5.x
Web BrowserGoogle Chrome, IE8, OPERA
SoftwareXAMPP / Wamp / Mamp/ Lamp (anyone)

Step 2: Essential Features

User Module

  • Contact Administrative Staff: Users can send emails to the administrative staff.
  • View Pages: Users can access the “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages.
  • View Notices: Notices published by the admin are visible to users.
  • View Courses: Users can browse through courses listed by the admin.
  • User Registration: New users can register themselves on the system.
  • Dashboard: Post-login, users can see their application status.
  • Admission Form: Users can fill out admission forms and check if their application is selected or rejected.
  • Submit Fees: If the application is approved, users can submit their fees.
  • Profile Management: Users can update their profile, change passwords, and recover passwords.

Admin Module

  • Dashboard: Overview of all details in brief.
  • Registered Users: View, delete, and update user details.
  • Admission Applications: View, approve, or reject applications. Email notifications are sent to users upon status changes (note: email function may not work on localhost).
  • Search Application: Search applications by name, email, or contact number.
  • Course Management: Add, delete, and update courses.
  • Notice Management: Add and update notices, viewable by all users.
  • Notifications: Admin receives notifications for new applications.
  • Page Management: Manage content of “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages.
  • Subscribers: View the list of subscribers.
  • Reports: Generate reports between specific dates.
  • Profile Management: Admin can update their profile, change passwords, and recover passwords.

Step 3: Required Software and Tools

To develop and run this project, you will need:

  • PHP: Server-side scripting language.
  • MySQL: Database management system.
  • XAMPP: A local server solution that includes Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • Text Editor: Such as Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, or Notepad++.

Step 4: Running the Project

  1. Install XAMPP: Download and install XAMPP on your system.
  2. Set Up Database: Create a database in MySQL and import the provided SQL file.
  3. Configure PHP Files: Adjust the database connection settings in the PHP files to match your database credentials.
  4. Run the Project: Start the Apache and MySQL services in XAMPP, and open the project in a web browser by navigating to http://localhost/project-folder.

Step 5: Project Screenshots

Screenshots of the project would include:

  • User Dashboard: Showing the application status.
  • Admission Form: Where users can apply for admission.
  • Admin Dashboard: Overview of user activities and application status.
  • Application Management: Admin interface for managing applications.
  • Course Management: Admin interface for managing courses.
  • Notice Management: Admin interface for publishing notices
College Admission Management System
College Admission Management System

Step 6: Download Project

Download Project Free Click Here

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By following this guide, you can develop a comprehensive College Admission Management System that simplifies the admission process and enhances the administrative efficiency of educational institutions.