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Google interview
Google interview

Inventory Management System

Management systems are used by organizations to standardize their tasks. Depending on the demands of the organization, they might be basic or sophisticated. It regulates how your company approaches Inventory Management System
The Web-based Inventory Management System will seek to automate and replace the Police Department’s traditional paper-based method of inventory management and tracking. The paper-based approach is time-consuming and inefficient. Each transaction would generate a record, which would serve as a central database where searching for a single document would take only a few seconds.

Inventory Management System

Document and Reports

This document file includes a project synopsis, reports, and diagrams. You can also alter the abstract pdf file, which is included in the download. Documents and reports are created in 2-3 days, depending on the user.

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Project Information (Inventory Management System)

Tech Stack

  • Spring Boot
  • Thymeleaf
  • MySQL
  • Hibernate

 Backend as:

  • Mysql – Database is MySQL in the backend to keep user data
  • Database: Mysql
  • Querying language:
  • Sql – Sql language queries will be used for the registration and login process.

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Features of the Project

  • User authentication
  • Product management
  • Ingredient management

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