Railway Pass Management System using PHP and MySQL

The Railway Pass Management System, developed using PHP and MySQL, is a comprehensive web-based solution designed to streamline the process of issuing and managing railway passes. This system is specifically beneficial for railway administrations by minimizing paperwork, saving time, and simplifying the overall process of acquiring railway passes. The project encompasses two main modules: Admin and User, each with distinct functionalities to enhance user experience and administrative efficiency.

Railway Pass Management System Using PHP and MySQL

Project NameRailway Pass Management System Project in PHP
Language UsedPHP5.6, PHP7.x
DatabaseMySQL 5.x
Web BrowserMozilla, Google Chrome, IE8, OPERA
SoftwareXAMPP / Wamp / Mamp/ Lamp (anyone)

Step 1: Making the Project

Creating the Railway Pass Management System involves setting up the project structure using PHP for server-side scripting and MySQL for database management. The project begins with designing the database schema to store all relevant information about railway passes, users, and administrative details. The next step is to develop the user interfaces for both admin and user modules, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Step 2: Essential Features

Admin Module

Dashboard: Provides a summary of categories and the number of passes generated daily, including statistics for the previous day and the past week.

Category Management: Allows the admin to add or update pass categories.

Pass Management: Enables the admin to add, update, and print passes.

Page Management: Admin can update content for the “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages.

Enquiry Management: Admin can view and respond to user enquiries.

Report Generation: Admin can generate reports for passes issued within a specific date range.

Search Functionality: Admin can search for passes using the pass number.

Additionally, the admin can update their profile, change passwords, and recover lost passwords using MD5 encryption.

User Module

Home Page: Users can access the home page to navigate the system.

View Pass: Users can view and print their passes using their pass number.

About Us: Users can view details about the website administrator.

Contact Us: Users can contact the website administrator for support or enquiries.

Step 3: Required Software and Tools

To develop and run the Railway Pass Management System, the following software and tools are required:

  • PHP: Server-side scripting language.
  • MySQL: Database management system.
  • XAMPP or WAMP: Local server environments for development.
  • HTML/CSS: For designing the user interface.
  • JavaScript: For client-side scripting and interactivity.
  • phpMyAdmin: For managing the MySQL database.

Step 4: Running the Project

To run the Railway Pass Management System, follow these steps:

Installation/Setup/Run Remotely

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Step 5: Project Screenshots

Railway Pass Management System using PHP and MySQL
Railway Pass Management System using PHP and MySQL

Complete Video

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Step 6: Download Project

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