Online examination system project in java servlet (JSP) With Free Source Code

Online examination system project in java servlet (JSP)

Purpose of the Project

Welcome to our project! Our main objective is to create an efficient and user-friendly online examination system that simplifies the entire exam process. By incorporating this system, we aim to minimize the time gap between taking the exam and receiving the results. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fast and reliable way of conducting exams through the internet. You can easily register for free and take exams to evaluate your abilities. This online test system is designed to allow users to conveniently take exams and generate automated results based on their answers. With the use of JAVAEE and MySQL database, we have developed a robust platform that ensures a smooth experience for all users.


Project NameOnline examination system project in java servlet (JSP)
Project PlatformJSP
Programming LanguageServlet/JSP/Bootstrap/HTML/MySQL
Front EndHtml, css, js, jsp,
Back Endjava, MySQL
IDE ToolEclipse Neon
Project TypeWeb Application
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How To Run The Project?

Step 1: Installation Steps for Project Setup

Download and Extract Files:

  1. Download the project files in ZIP format and meticulously extract them onto your Desktop using a reliable tool such as WinRAR.

[Backend Setup]


  1. Commence XAMPP, ensuring the simultaneous activation of both Apache and MySQL services.
  2. Open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost/phpmyadmin.

Import Database:

  1. Within PHPMyAdmin, adeptly import the project database by selecting the “Import” option and meticulously choosing the provided database file.

[Front-end Setup]

Open Eclipse (Download link):

  1. Launch Eclipse, ensuring a smooth initiation of the development environment

Import Project:

  1. Navigate to File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace within Eclipse’s interface.
  2. Opt for the root directory where your project is housed and diligently select the project before clicking Finish.

Add MySQL Connector:

  1. Within the project structure, expertly navigate to Src > Web > lib folder.
  2. Integrate the MySQL Connector JAR file seamlessly into this designated folder.

Step 2: Run Project on Server

Right-click on Project:

  1. In the Project Explorer, right-click on your project, unveiling a contextual menu.

Run As:

  1. Opt for Run As > Run on Server, initiating the deployment process.

Select Tomcat Server:

  1. Discerningly choose Tomcat as the server for execution.

Next and Finish:

  1. Navigate through the prompts by clicking Next > Finish to conclude the configuration process successfully.

Step 3: Open Browser After Successful Setup

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Modules of the Project

In this project there are two major modules:

  • Admin Module
  • Student Module
  1. Admin Module: The Admin Module is divided into three integral submodules:
    a. Login Submodule:
    • Provides secure access to the admin dashboard.
    b. Question Submodule:
    • Enables the addition of questions to the system.
    c. View Submodule:
    • Facilitates the search, update, and deletion of questions.Allows the viewing of question lists.Provides access to the registered student list.Supports the addition and viewing of notices.Allows the viewing of results.
    Key Features of Admin Module:
    • Secure login functionality for administrators.
    • Question management capabilities, including addition, search, update, and deletion.
    • Access to comprehensive lists of questions and registered students.
    • Notice creation and viewing functionality.
    • Result viewing capabilities.
    • Password change functionality.
    • Logout feature for enhanced security.
  2. Student Module: The Student Module encompasses four essential submodules:
    a. Register Submodule:
    • Enables students to register for the system.
    b. Login Submodule:
    • Provides secure login access for registered students.
    c. Exam Submodule:
    • Allows students to participate in exams.
    d. Feedback Submodule:
    • Provides a platform for students to provide feedback.
    Key Features of Student Module:
    • User-friendly registration process for students.
    • Secure login functionality for authenticated students.
    • Participation in exams through the Exam Submodule.
    • Seamless feedback submission through the Feedback Submodule.
    • Access to and updating of student profiles.
    • Password change functionality.
    • Secure logout option for enhanced user control and privacy.

Technologies Used:

  1. JSP (JavaServer Pages):
    • For dynamic content generation and interaction with the Java backend.
  2. Java Servlets:
    • To handle backend logic and manage data processing.
  3. JavaBeans:
    • Encapsulation of data and business logic.
  4. MySQL Database:
    • Storage and retrieval of movie, user, and booking data.
  5. HTML/CSS/JavaScript:
    • Frontend development for a visually appealing and interactive user interface
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Output :

Online examination system project in java servlet (JSP)
Online examination system project in java servlet (JSP)

Database :-

Download Project:

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1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe’s, .ocx’s, .dll’s etc.)–only run source code.

Note: Only for Educational Purpose

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