Final Year Project :Movie Ticket Management system in JSP

Movie Ticket Management system in JSP


Project: Movie Ticket Management system in JSP

Movie Ticket Management system in JSP Website Project in Java, JDBC, Servlets, JSP. Students collaborated on this project to design a backend system for a movie ticket booking portal that allows customers to browse for movies, purchase tickets, and view booking history. The project was created with Java and .

E-Commerce Website Project in Java Servlets
E-Commerce Website Project in Java Servlets

Requirements Online Mobile Recharge Portal

Column 1Column 2
Project NameMovie Ticket Management system in JSP
Project PlatformJSP
Programming LanguageServlet/JSP/Bootstrap/HTML/MySQL
Front EndHtml, css, js, jsp,
Back Endjava, MySQL
IDE ToolEclipse Neon
Project TypeWeb Application
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Objective Movie Ticket Management system in JSP

The Movie Ticket Management System is a web-based application developed using JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology. The primary goal of this system is to provide a streamlined and efficient platform for managing movie tickets, catering to both users and administrators. By leveraging JSP, the application ensures dynamic and interactive content delivery, offering a seamless experience for users to browse movies, book tickets, and for administrators to manage the system effectively.

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How To Run The Project?

Open Eclipse Enterprise Edition. [Install if not available]

Step 1: Click On File > Import “Project Zip”
Step 2. Right Click On Project > Run As > Run On Server > Select Tomcat > Next > Finish
Step 3: In The Server Tab > Double Click On Tomcat Server > Ports
Step 4: Check Running The Site At http://localhost:8083/Movie Ticket Management system in JSP
Step 5: Done Your Project is ready to use .

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  • Browse Movies:
    • Users have the ability to view a list of available movies.
  • Search and Filter:
    • Users can search for movies based on various criteria, including title, date, location, genre, and movie ID.
  • Movie Details:
    • Users can access detailed information about a specific movie, including:
      • Title
      • Director
      • Description
      • Genre
      • Date
      • Location
      • Total seats
      • Available seats
      • Price of a ticket
  • Booking Tickets:
    • Users can book tickets for a movie by providing the following details:
      • Movie ID
      • Quantity of tickets
      • Total price
  • Booking History:
    • Users have the capability to view their booking history, which includes comprehensive details of booked movies such as:
      • Title
      • Director
      • Description
      • Genre
      • Date
      • Location
      • Booked tickets
      • Total price
  • Add/Delete/Update Movies:
    • Admin users possess the authority to manage the movie database. This includes the ability to:
      • Add new movies
      • Delete existing movies
      • Update movie information

Technologies Used:

  1. JSP (JavaServer Pages):
    • For dynamic content generation and interaction with the Java backend.
  2. Java Servlets:
    • To handle backend logic and manage data processing.
  3. JavaBeans:
    • Encapsulation of data and business logic.
  4. MySQL Database:
    • Storage and retrieval of movie, user, and booking data.
  5. HTML/CSS/JavaScript:
    • Frontend development for a visually appealing and interactive user interface.


  1. Efficient Ticket Management:
    • Streamlined processes for users to book and manage movie tickets.
  2. Real-time Updates:
    • Dynamic content ensures that users see the latest movie information and seat availability.
  3. User-Friendly Experience:
    • Responsive design and intuitive interfaces enhance the overall user experience.
  4. Data-Driven Administration:
    • Comprehensive reporting and analytics empower administrators to make informed decisions.

Software And Tools Required

JDK/JRE version : 11+
• Web Server : Tomcat Server 9.0.x
• Database Server : MS SQL Server 2017
• Libraries : 1) jstl-1.2 (JSP )
                    2) mssql-jdbc-8.2.x-JRE11
Recommended JDK/JRE version : java 11.0.9 LTS

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Output :

Movie Ticket Management system in JSP
Movie Ticket Management system in JSP

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E-Commerce Website Project in Java
E-Commerce Website Project in Java

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