Dairy Farm Shop Management System Using PHP and MySQL

INTRODUCTION: The Dairy Farm Shop Management System’s purpose is to foster a connection between rural residents and dairy management. Our primary purpose in developing this application was to promote the dairy business. Dairy Farm Shop Management System is a software application used to keep track of daily transactions in a Milk Distributor Office. This software assists in the registration of all suppliers, buyer details, purchases, sales details, and so on. The DAIRY MILK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM project is a pilot project for a new Milk Distributor that will begin soon in the city. The Milk Distribution Centre was supposed to open the next month, according to the management. They have a large plan to collect Milk from various sources and distribute it to Milk buyers. To keep track of everything,

Project demo

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Dairy Farm Shop Management System
Dairy Farm Shop Management System

Project: Dairy Farm Shop Management System

To obtain the source code for the “Dairy Farm Shop Management System”, scroll down. PHP, CSS, and JavaScript are used in the development of the online voting system. The initiative is intriguing and beneficial. In this project, users can cast their votes for their preferred candidate on both the admin and user sides. While the administrator can add candidates, view the results of the voting, and so on.

A quick rundown of the technology:

Front end: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 

  • HTML: HTML is the language used to produce and save web documents. Notepad/Notepad++, VS code for example.
  • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Make an eye-catching layout.
  • Bootstrap is a responsive design framework. mobile-friendly website
  • JavaScript is a computer language that is extensively used in web browsers.

Back end: PHP and MySQL

  • PHP is a technology that allows software developers to construct dynamically generated web pages in HTML, XML, or other document types based on client requests. PHP is free and open-source software.
  • MySQL: MySql is a database that is commonly used for searching, updating, and managing data in databases.

Software Requirement (Any)

  • XAMPP Server
  • WAMP Server
  • LAMP Server
  • LAMP Server
  • MAMP Server
Online Voting System Project
Online Voting System Project

Steps for Installation

The first step is to extract the file from the zip.
Step 2: Make a copy of the main project folder.
Step 3: Paste into xampp/htdocs/
Step 4: Open a browser and navigate to “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/“.
5th Step: Next, select the databases tab.
Step 6: Create a database called “{ Database file name(as mentioned in Zipfile) }” and then select the import tab. And then Select the “{ database file name.sql }” file from the folder
Step 8: Press the go button.
Step 9: After Creating the Database Navigate to the URL “http://localhost/ { Projectname }/” in a browser.

Project demo

Admin Options:

  • Dashboard: In this component, administrators can view all details in brief, such as total listed categories, firms, items, and sales.
  • Category: In this section, administrators can create new categories as well as change and delete existing ones.
  • Company: Admin can create new firms and change or delete existing ones in this section.
  • Product: Admin can add new products and edit existing ones in this section.
  • Search: In this part, the admin can search for a product, add it to the cart, and generate an invoice or receipt.
  • Invoices: Admin can view all created invoices/receipts in this section.
  • Reports: In this section, administrators can generate two reports: one for B/W dates and one for sales.
  • Admin can also change his password and edit his profile.